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(PPE) Personal Protective Equipment                                                    

Our mask is made from material called Resilience. The Resilience Mask is not FDA approved, nor a medical grade respirator. The mask includes a HEPA filter. The mask is form fitting reducing the chances of passing and receiving bodily fluids from one another. The material is soft and stretchy allowing the protection you need and the comfort you desire.


Additional details on the Resilience material.
  1. Anti-Microbial: The material is treated with a silver base solution to keep harmful bacterial and other microorganisms from attaching and growing on the outside and inside of the fabric.
  2. Water Repellent: This treatment will repel and keep molecules from attaching and settling into the mask fibers and filter medium.
  3. UV Inhibitors: Material is treated with a copper base solution which is known to control and inhibit molds, fungi, and harmful microbes.
  4. Cleaning: Mask can be machine washed in hot water and dried on high heat to disinfect.

Kit Content

  • (1) Mask made from Resilience


  • (1) HEPA Filter Encased In Dacron

    LydAir® MG Prefilter glass microfiber media produce efficiencies ranging from 86.0% to 98.5% at 0.3 microns. Specially engineered to provide the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow, LydAir MG is chosen for applications where guaranteed efficiency and consistency is a must and reduced energy costs can provide a distinguishable competitive advantage. Applications include but are not limited to Disc Drive Filtration, Prefilter for HEPA Systems, Hospitals Air Filtration, Pharmaceutical Processing, Chemical Processing and Respirators.



What next? How do I get started with my mask?

  1. Remove mask from sealed package.
  2. Install HEPA filter into mask.
  3. Place the mask over your mouth and nose for maximum protection.
  4. Use Velcro to secure the mask in place. For best fit, secure the Velcro on the crown of you head or above a ponytail.
  5. Once you have secured the mask in place, cut Velcro tabs to desired length.

Is there anything else I should know?

The HEPA filter in your mask can be switched out to any desired filter. Your mask is also machine washable. Just pull the filter out and place it in the mask in the washing machine. The HEPA filter is not washable but can be reused.

Our Purpose

At Port Town Marine we are still working with our local government and their team to figure out the logistics on getting this mask FDA and NIOSH approved. In the meantime, this is a great option for all citizens to be proactive in attempting to halt the spread of Covid-19 and alleviate the demand for the FDA and NIOSH approved masks for our hospitals and medical personnel, while still offering an available option to protect you and your family.

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